If you marry, you will regret it;
If you do not marry, you will also regret it…
This is the sum and substance of all philosophy.
— Søren Kierkegaard

For Better For Worse-Should I Get Married? 1

For Better For Worse examines the institution of marriage in history and contemporary culture, along with kin concepts such as romantic love, sexuality, and family. Drawing upon several fields of inquiry, it sets out as neither pro- nor anti-marriage, but seeks instead to investigate an institution that has long been at the centre of society, and that we tend to take for granted despite its defining impact on almost all aspects of our lives. Whether or not to tie, untie, or retie the knot is a question that we each have to answer for ourselves, and this book aims no higher than to frame and inform our deliberation.

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UK and ebook publication date: 1 October 2017