I need your help for the book I’m writing

My cover designer (working remotely) has come up with four possibilities for the new edition of For Better For Worse.

Which one do you prefer?

1. The Kiss
2. Cupid
3. The birds and the bees
4. The eagle heads

Please reply in the comments section.

Thank you!


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  1. The lettering on #3 make the bird/bee design hard to see or notice. The eagle heads freak me out. I like the kiss, but I think the cupid design is more visually interesting, so I pick #2.

  2. I don’t quite see the symbolism behind the eagles. “Birds and the bees” seem a bit common place. Cupid and the kiss are more interesting and elegant. Cupid conveys a bit more both the positive (love, bliss) and negative (entrapment, lack of control) sides of love, so I think it’s the best one.