Videoblog: Aristotle on Happiness


In his Nicomachean Ethics, the Greek philosopher Aristotle (d. 322 BC) tries to discover what is ‘the supreme good for man’, that is, what is the best way to lead our life and to give it meaning.


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  1. Thank you, Neel, my dear friend! You are, as always, an excellent spokesman for Aristotle. That’s an important role, I think, because much of what he said is counter-intuitive – at least if you happen to grow up, as I did, in a society which seems to inculcate on its members that everything you like is ‘bad for you’. Not a sentiment that curbs your enthusiasm, I surmise. Were those bottles deliberately placed over your right shoulder?

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Adrian. Above my right shoulder are some empty ‘trophy’ bottles. There are also a couple of books by Aristotle in that bookcase—I should have used them as props!